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Shingeki no Bahamut:Genesis ~ Fighting Zombies

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Fukuda Nobuaki: “After his parents got killed, Barnaby became twisted and closed his heart—but here comes the amazing Tiger, embracing Barnaby with his great love!*

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The Legend of Zelda iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds requested by going1582

Feel free to use. Since this is my first time making wallpaper, I didn’t use all of the games. Hopefully you guys like what you see, I’ll be happy to make more. If you plan to use these for your phones, please message me and tell me what you think.

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I am lightning; the rain transformed. 

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“We all of us bear a touch of darkness, just as surely as we bear light. Much as with the twin sets of Crystals. And the darkened underworld that rests beneath your planet’s brighter surface. But as long as there is darkness, so will there always be light.”

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B  A  R  A  K  A  M  O  N

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